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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Getting a Sequel? Sales Reportedly Meet Expectations

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Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst was a risky move in the part of EA. The first game that came out on last-gen consoles ended up fizzling out with most gamers, but the sequel/reboot seems to have done a bit better. While the full details haven’t been revealed yet, it seems like the game made enough money to be considered a success, and it might get a sequel for doing so.

The game’s supposed success comes from an interview with Games Industry, where EA stated that the game has met the company’s expectations. This is good news for fans of the game, since the future of the series would have been based on how well this game did. The original Mirror’s Edge didn’t exactly set the world on fire.

During the interview, the company admitted that Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst was a big risk, since the previous game wasn’t a sales success. Resurrecting a game that proved to be a dud was indeed risky, but it seems the risk has paid off well for EA.

Unravel was also seen as a risk for the company since it was outside EA?s comfort zone. The studio is mostly known for sports titles and racing games, so publishing an indie game with platforming and puzzle elements was far from the norm for EA Games, but it seems like Unravel has done well for itself as well.

Will Catalyst get a sequel?

While only the second game in the series, Catalyst is actually a reboot of the first game. A lot of the plot elements are similar, though there are some new characters added to make the game more interesting. Gameplay has changed quite a bit, thanks to the open-world aspect of the game, though the parkour and first-person point of view was kept from the original title.

It might not have set the world on fire as intended, but it looks like EA will be keeping the series alive after Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. It is definitely a big improvement over its predecessor, and its flaws aren’t as big as the previous game. Here?s hoping that a sequel can improve on whatever faults Catalyst had.

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