Mirror’s Edge 2 Will Finally Come, More Titles From EA this E3 2014

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Criterion, known for popular games like Burnout ?is currently developing the sequel to the free-running parkour game Mirror?s Edge, along with a new working title and some surprises. EA will be revealing more details this coming E3.

In a schedule based from gametrailers all access (spike tv), it was revealed that Electronic Arts will be showcasing Criterion?s work in progress projects, along with the information about the next installment to the Mirror?s Edge universe at this year?s annual E3 event. A lot of AAA games were pushed to a later release date, which is by next year. Fortunately enough for EA, they can take the biggest bite of the spotlight on the upcoming event, which has more or less, 6 titles in the works. Some are confirmed or have been teased, but there are three that stands out, which happens to be DICE?s project, Criterion?s new title and Mirror?s Edge 2.

It has been almost a year since the announcement of Mirror?s Edge 2 from EA and this is nice news for fans who have been anticipating the game?s release. The title of the game is still tentative due to the fact that the game is going to focus on Faith?s roots, even before she became the full-pledged ?runner? in the 2008 release of the original Mirror?s Edge game.

However, to set your expectations, this ?update? isn?t that promising. Only having the story for the game plotted, which they claim as ?just as strong as the original game?, DICE is only waiting for the proper hardware to materialize their vision for the next Mirror?s Edge title. Regardless, this is still a good sign.

As for the mystery title from Criterion Games, it?s really hard to tell right now. Ruling out a Need For Speed release for this year, with no racing title to flush out this year for EA, maybe we can think about the next Burnout Paradise? There have been rumors about it, and most of the time, rumors like that gets to become real after all.

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