?Miranda Lambert? Blake Shelton Divorce Caused By Gwen Stefani? Country Songstress Believes So, Furious With Ex-husband, But Now Ready For Love!

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Though The Voice fans are rejoicing currently with the budding romance of two of the show?s coaches, Miranda Lambert is certainly upset with her ex-husband Blake Shelton and his new squeeze, Gwen Stefani.

According to classicalite, while everyone is elated by the announcement that Blake Shelton and Gwen dating, word has it that Miranda Lambert was furious. According to the latest gossip news updates, the Little Red Wagon singer is convinced that her ex-husband and his Hollaback Girl-friend were hooking up before their divorces. It’s said that Miranda has even reached out to Gavin Rossdale to see if she can’t get to the bottom of who was really cheating on whom?

While they have done their best to convince everyone that their split was amicable, Blake Shelton seems be using his relationship status as a way of getting back at Miranda.

Apparently, this isn?t the first time that Blake and Gwen have worked together on The Voice, they also co-starred in a previous season while Shelton and Lambert were still married, prior to their messy break-up. When Miranda and Blake split, the media roasted her for cheating on Blake ? and she even accused his team of planting stories in the press to make her look like the reason their marriage fell apart, reported Celebdirty Laundry.

However, the latest buzz is that Miranda is now ready to fall in love. According to Miranda Lambert?s peers, she has always wished only good for Blake Shelton, even after their split up, reported Movie News Guide.

One of her friend stated that, she isn?t ready to date anybody right now, but she will give a thought about it if she finds a really hot and a cute guy. She is focusing recently on herself and her happiness. She needs some time off after all the drama and the emotional breakup from her ex.

All we would say to Miranda is that, let bygones be bygone.

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