Miranda Kerr Reacts To Ex Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry Relationship

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Love is definitely in the air for Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry. So the question is, what does the actor?s ex, Miranda Kerr, say about their relationship?

An E! News exclusive reports that the Victoria?s Secret model is ?happy? for her ex-husband. According to a source, the supermodel thinks that the Roar singer is ?a really cool woman and talented singer. Also adding that, ?she has not had an opportunity to spend time with Katy,? but she?s happy that the singer ?seems to be really good with Flynn and that is important to her? and the source also adds that ?Katy thinks Flynn is precious.?

The insider continues, ?She has no anger towards Orlando for dating Katy. Orlando and Kerr communicate well about their son?s well-being.? What the supermodel cares about is their son, Flynn, who seems very happy when he comes back from spending time with his dad, the insider adds.

The report also lets us in on the actor and singer?s romance saying that the pair is getting serious. Another source says that they recently went on a quick trip to New York where Orlando showed his support to Katy at a fundraiser concert for Hillary Clinton and says that the actor is also a big fan of the political figure.

Meanwhile, News.com.au reports that the hot couple also went on a romantic getaway in Hawaii. They were seen hiking together, holding hands and with arms around each other, and went on dinner dates to local eateries on their week-long tropical escape.

Lastly, the E! source concludes, ?Orlando and Katy are pretty tight and seem to be getting serious as more time is spent with each other. They travel really well together. They act PDA with each other when they are around close friends and on their alone time. Her [Katy?s] favorite quality about Orlando is how much he loves Flynn and what a great dad he is.?

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