Minority Report TV Show Premiere Fails To Impress, Direct Sequel To Tom Cruise Movie Is A Flop

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Fans of Tom Cruise?s Minority Report movie were caught off-guard when they found out that the new TV show by Fox would be a direct continuation from what transpired in the film. What?s more shocking however is that the Minority Report TV Show premiere flopped, well it?s shocking for the studio at least.

According to Cinemablend, Minority Report TV Show by Fox only garnered a total of 3.1 million viewers, the lowest viewers compared to other shows that aired on the same day. The show flails in comparison with ABC?s Castle which attracted 7.1 million viewers and CBS? NCIS: Los Angeles which raked 8 million, the report said.

Critics? Criticism

The Minority Report movie starring Tom Cruise thrilled audiences with great action, plot, as well as cool futuristic gadgets. Critics point out that the TV show was unable to capture the film?s magic. According to Mashable, things that made the 2002 movie special such as the hand-waving and moving of holograms have failed to translate well in the show:

?The holographic computer screens, the plain chase-sequences through grungy warehouses? we?ve seen it all. It may have felt new in 2002, but in 2015 Minority Report fails to brings [sic] anything new to the table. It tries to stick out with a few bits of comedic relief here and there, but jokes often fall flat.?

USA Today also deemed the show as a ?half-baked sequel that uses tired gimmicks for TV series; ?A procedural that tries to use gimmicks to mask the emptiness of its characters and the transparency of its central mystery? Check. A crime drama built around a dedicated, frequently exasperated cop teamed with a super-intuitive outsider? Yep.?

The Verge echoed the same sentiment stating that the TV show is just another buddy cop drama that doesn?t bring anything new to the platter. ?It looks good, and the pilot lays enough groundwork for the series to go in some interesting directions in episodes ahead. Just don?t expect it to break much new ground.?

This Show Is A Sequel?

According to Observer, the show follows directly the events that transpired after Steven Spielberg?s film in 2002. The lead in the film, Tom Cruise, successfully closes the PreCrime program, a justice serving experiment which allowed three ?precogs? to foresee the future in order to prevent crimes from happening and put the criminals behind bars. It was later found-out that the PreCrime program was often tampered with.


The Minority Report TV show is set several years after the PreCrime program has been abolished. The tv series?stars Dash (Stark Sand), one of the precogs and he helps the detectives set things right by helping predict what happens in the future in order to stop crimes from happening.

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