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What’s the minimum amount you need to invest in real estate in 2022?

Investing in this low-capital entry REIT using an intuitive app.

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  • REITs allow you to purchase portions of multiple real estate properties at a feasible price for portfolio diversification 
  • REITs are required to pay at least 90 percent of their income to investors on a monthly or quarterly basis
  • Own a portion of real estate properties occupied by world-renowned tenants starting at $10

Real estate properties are known to be some of the most stable tangible assets in existence. They are known to appreciate in value over time while generating income in the form of monthly rents. While investing in real estate used to require huge upfront payments, however, real estate investment trusts (REITs) are changing the trend by allowing anyone interested in investing in real estate for as low as $10.

What is an REIT?

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are firms that own and manage commercial properties and allow investors to purchase portions of their cash flow-positive properties at a fraction of the cost involved in traditional real estate buying. 

REITs are mandated by the IRS to distribute 90 percent of their income to shareholders on a monthly or quarterly basis. This creates a passive source of income while creating wealth through land value appreciation. 

What is the HappyNest REIT?

The HappyNest REIT is managed by real estate experts who follow fiduciary standards. This means that they are legally and ethically required to recommend and list the best real estate investments possible. The team follows a stringent process to source, invest, and list properties that are favored to grow over time and generate rental income on a consistent basis. 

HappyNest focuses on properties that have active net leases, which requires tenants of these properties to pay for operating costs, taxes, insurance premiums, and rent. For only $10, you can invest in two premium commercial properties that are occupied by world-class tenants on active net leases ongoing for over a decade.

Insight on HappyNest REIT Properties

A 42.87-acre property in Fremont, Indiana is a distribution facility and a FedEx truck terminal that houses 188 truck bays. The property stands between I-90 and I-69 freeways, and the tenant pays over $1.2 million in annual rent. This has been on an active net lease for over a decade now.

The REIT lists another strategically located 1.54-acre property in Easthampton, Massachusetts that is occupied by a CVS pharmacy on a corporate lease, which requires the annual rent to increase every 5 years. The tenant has been on an active lease for over a decade and currently generates annual rent of $314,089.   

Getting Started on the HappyNest App

You can download the HappyNest app, create an account with basic information, and link your bank account through a secure channel to start investing. 

While the stable real estate platform has suffered some setbacks in sectors like hotels and offices, industrial and logistics properties coupled with medical offices, cold storage, and data centers have come out as winners during the pandemic.