Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Release Date and Details

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Minecraft Xbox One (Image Credit to ibxtoycat YouTube)
Minecraft Xbox One (Image Credit to ibxtoycat YouTube)

Iconic game Minecraft developers, Mojang already made an official announcement about the release of Minecraft: Xbox One Edition. It will arrive on Xbox Live Marketplace this coming August.

The starting price for the Xbox One port will be at $19.99, people who had purchased the Xbox 360 version of the game in the past only need to dish out $4.99 for the upgrade.

There wouldn?t be any big changes on how the game will look or feel on the Xbox One port, aside from the world being expanded to around 36 times bigger than it was on the 360 counterpart.

Also, according to their announcement, which was posted on Xbox One website, Minecraft: Xbox One Edition will allow them to import their Minecraft worlds, which they created on the previous-gen console, to the game on Xbox One as well.

“That’s right: You don’t have to start from scratch. You can just keep going, right where you left off! That goes for most (but not all) of your downloadable skins and texture packs, though not all of them will make the jump.”

However, doing it the other way around is impossible. Obviously due to the world size difference. Another limitation stated was, at launch, Minecraft: Xbox One Edition will limit the maximum number of players to eight. This was a bit disappointing to most fans of the game, as it was the same limitation that the Xbox 360 version suffered as well.

Fortunately, a tweet from Roger Carpenter, Microsoft Games Studios Producer, stated that this won?t be for good and that they will see to it that the game will improve on such aspects in the near future.

Initially launched for PC back in 2012, Minecraft has been a consistent top-selling game up to this date, and right now, combining every copy sold on all platforms that it was made available (PC, Consoles, Macs), it already reached 54 million, with 12 million registered players on the Xbox.

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