Minecraft Update: Pokemon Red Recreation Almost Fully Playable

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One diehard fan?s quest to bring Pokemon Red to Minecraft is almost complete. The ambitious undertaking caught the attention of the gaming world late last year when early gameplay footage of the classic handheld game being played on a Minecraft-created virtual Gameboy went viral. Since then, the project?s creator ? who?s known in the Minecraft community by his Reddit username: MrSquishyYT ? has continued to make steady progress.

Want To Play Pokemon In Minecraft?

In his latest?progress report, which was posted on the Minecraft subreddit earlier today, he said that the game?s storyline and cutscenes have successfully been ported. Other features like shops, PokeCenters, and the Pokemon Daycare were also included in this latest update.

When finished, Pokemon Red Minecraft will be an almost exact replica of the Gameboy classic. ?This is meant to be a true recreation of the game, not an adaptation, and is being designed to run on a 10×9 block representation of a Gameboy Color screen,? reads his post.

When exactly the map will be released to the public is still unknown, but MrSquishyYT says that it?s almost there. Only a few key features are needed to make the game fully playable. ?Once I add the Safari Zone and out-of-battle moves it should be

possible to play the game from start to finish,? was his response to a fan?s question regarding the release date.

Other features like player-to-player Pokemon trading and the Seafoam Islands zone are also in the pipeline. If you want a peek at the crazy command block structure powering this whole thing, MrSquishy also provided some?teasers?for you to check out.

What do you think of this project? Is it impressive or just a total waste of time? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. For the latest Minecraft and Pokemon news, keep it right here on TheBitBag.

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