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Minecraft Story Mode Gameplay: Know The Episodes Of This Unique Gaming Experience

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Telltale games announced a new and exciting interactive drama together with Mojang, the creator of everybody?s favorite block-building game. ?Minecraft: Story Mode? takes you to another Telltale experience with a side of family-friendly action with humor and drama in which your choices will shape the outcome of your very own adventure, according to the Verge.

First Episode: ?Order of the Stone?

?Minecraft: Story Mode? launches its first episode which is titled ?Order of the Stone,? and the gameplay lasts for about two hours. You play the young character Jesse, in which you can be a boy (voiced by Patton Oswalt) or a girl (Catherine Taber), who wants to become an explorer and travel around the world, the Verge reports.

Two different quests have been made for the game which include a group known as the Order of the Stone, who slays a dragon and becomes famous heroes, and the story of Jesse and his/her friends, who marches into a quest when a monster is summoned. The group must find the original Order of the Stones in order to save the world from a catastrophe.

Telltale and Mojang collaboration

Everyone at Telltale agrees that while this is the first official game of the franchise, it?s still far from Minecraft?s real story, according to the Verge. ?The desire to tell stories in the world of Minecraft isn?t necessarily new, it comes from the community, and we?re huge fans and part of that community ourselves,? Telltale director of creative communications Job Stauffer shares with the Verge. ?Collaborating with Mojang to tell a Minecraft story, and not the story, is perhaps just first time fans will get to see something done in a more official capacity.?

The first episode of ?Minecraft: Story Mode? is now available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, and PC along with its Android, iOS, Wii U, and PSVita version.

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