Minecraft: Pocket Edition Version 0.9.0 Coming On July 10, Promises To Be The Game’s ‘Biggest Update Ever’

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Version 0.9.0 coming to Minecraft: Pocket Edition this week, Mojang says it will be their biggest update EVER for the mobile game

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is set to be updated to Version 0.9.0 on Thursday, July 10. This upcoming massive release promises to bring with it loads of infinite worlds, wolves, caves, new mobs, and new biomes including jungles.

Developed by Mojang AB, Minecraft: Pocket Edition is the mobile version of the popular Minecraft which ?initially launched as a PC game. In its first venture into the mobile arena, the game was first launched exclusively for the Xperia PLAY for $ 6.99 on August 2011. It was then released to all other Android devices in October of the same year. The iOS version was made available to mobile Apple devices the following month. ?And finally, the Amazon Appstore also started to offer it on September 2012.

The developers seem to be really excited about this update, describing it as their “biggest update EVER!” They also have this to say to their mobile gaming fans, “Sorry for keeping you waiting, but it?s finally time! We?re super excited and really eager to see what you?ll build on the go!”

Here are all the changes that Minecraft: Pocket Edition Version 0.9.0 will bring, as they appear on the official Mojang post:

  • Infinite worlds!
  • Caves!
  • Loads of new blocks and items including Monster Eggs and huge mushroom blocks.
  • Wolves! Tame a loyal companion.
  • Loads of new flowers! So pretty.
  • New mobs, including the spooky endermen and less spooky Mooshrooms.
  • New biomes from the PC version, including mesas, jungles, swamps and extreme hills.
  • Abandoned mineshafts, villages, and many other cool places to explore.
  • A brand-new ?interaction? button. Never accidentally punch a sheep again!
  • New feature generation, including lakes, vines and monster rooms.
  • Many bugs fixed, and possibly a few added.

Last April, new revenue reports have shown that the PC version of Minecraft sold over 15 million units. ?Meanwhile, it has 12 million copies sold for the Xbox 360 and more than 1 million for the PS3. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of Minecraft will arrive this coming August. However, it looks like Minecraft: Pocket Edition performs better than its console counterparts as Mojang?s mobile team announced that the mobile version has already sold more than 21 million copies.

Check out the official teaser video of the updated Minecraft: Pocket Edition here:

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