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Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition Patch 3 Makes The Game On Par With Console Versions

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Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition
Source: Minecraft Adventure Time Mash-Up pack! video

The new Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition Patch 3 released this May 30 introduces new DLCs and gameplay content for its players. New items, DLC packs, and bug fixes are in this patch. Here’s what we know about the latest update.

Patch Notes

According to the official Minecraft forums, the Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition patch 3 update improves this version’s features to be inline with PC and other consoles. This new update has also been updated on other platforms at the same date as the Nintendo Switch version. New gliding related updates like the Firework Elytra boost and the Glide! mini-game has been included in Patch 3. Controls can now be customized too.

New Items Added

Shulker Shells and Shulker Boxes are now in Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition. Shulker Boxes work like regular chests in storing items but don’t lose the items when broken. The items stay inside the broken Shulker Box and can be retrieved once it’s placed on the floor again.

This update definitely boosts inventory space for most players as they’ll have a portable chest with them. Shulker Shells are needed to make Shulker Boxes in Minecraft. As expected, these shells drop from Shulker enemies met in the wild.

Lastly, decorative blocks like Concrete, Concrete Powder, and Glazed Terracotta are added in this patch. Players will now be free from using Wool to make colorful houses as these blocks come in 16 colors.

Newly Added DLC Content

Only cosmetic and new area DLC are confirmed in this May 30 patch. So far, the Adventure Time Mash-up pack, Magic: The Gathering Skin Pack, and a portion of the Chinese Mythology pack is included in this new patch. The Adventure Time pack with characters and items based from the show itself. Meanwhile, the Magic: The Gathering skin pack will feature notable characters as Minecraft from this card game series. Lastly, the Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition only receives the Chinese Mythology battle arena from its DLC pack as of this May 30 patch.

Bug Fixes

12 bugs were fixed in the Nintendo Switch Edition. The bugs doesn’t seem to be too game-breaking but it can annoy some players. Here’s a list of all the bugs fixed out of the title:

  • MCCE-4554 – Take Damage when falling into slime block
  • MCCE-4704 –Fall Damage being taken in  1×1 areas
  • MCCE-4551 – Falling in shallow water is damaging players
  • MCCE-2308 – Player Glitched out in Battle Mode
  • MCCE-2902 – Squids not spawning in anything man-made
  • MCCE-4604 – Battle Mode Spawn Glitch
  • MCCE-4223 – elytra fly glitch
  • MCCE-3164 – Rabbits
  • MCCE- 4662 –Exp from Coal not going to mending
  • MCCE- 4591 – Map direction icon skewed
  • MCCE- 4278 – Banner are giant

So far, most of these bug fixes improve the Glide! mini-game. The other bug fixes are simply there to polish the game more and weed out detrimental glitches. Stay updated with more Minecraft news here on The Bitbag.

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