Minecraft is Coming to the PS4, PS Vita, and Xbox One in August

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Mojang?s wildly popular blocky world building game, Minecraft, will be coming to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and the Xbox One this coming August 2014. The announcement was made by Mojang?s Chief Word Officer, Owen Hill in a blog post.

The developers have apologized for the delay in putting Minecraft on to new consoles. They have decided that letting existing customers upgrade for a small fee instead would be the best way to go about it.

The three versions each have differences with each other. Let?s jump below to see what those console specific changes are.

Minecraft: PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita Edition ? the game will cost $19.99 and support ?Cross-buy?. Cross buy is a term used by those who are familiar with Sony and this means that everyone who has bought Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition from the PSN will get it on the PS Vita for free. It won?t matter which game was purchased, users who buy the Vita first or the PS3 version first will have the game on both platforms. Saves will also be transferrable between devices. DLC content will also be shared for both consoles.

Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition ? this game will also retail at a cost of $19.99 but comes with significantly bigger worlds as well as a greater draw distance in comparison to the PlayStation 3 + Vita Edition. It will include all the features from the most recent PS3 version and for users who have bought the PS3 version, they need not pay the whole $19.99 for the game but can instead opt to upgrade for $4.99. The upgrade will be for a minimum of a year after the release date. Mojang is also closely working with Sony to look into ways to enable an upgrade solution for owners of the retail disc of the game. Players who have the Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition will be able to import their worlds into the PS4 version, but saves, unfortunately, won?t be imported. There are technical reasons as to why this can?t be done. According to Hill, they can make the worlds bigger without much stress, but shrinking those world causes all sorts of problems.

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition ? this game will retail at $19.99, as well as have the $4.99 option to upgrade for existing Xbox 360 who used the Xbox Live Marketplace or for those who played online with the disc version. Worlds will also be transferred, but saves won?t. Cross platform play will also not be possible and not all DLC may make it on to the Xbox One version.

Photo Source: Mojang official blog

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