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?Minecraft? Hack: Tips and Tricks To Continue Playing The Game

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To start you off in a great Sandbox journey, you might want to check out some things that you might not know that would work in Minecraft.

Yep, Minecraft is already 6 years old from its release last May of 2009, and it is still showing no signs of slowing down, it even had a release on the newer generation of consoles last year. But if you still have not played this game, there should be no reason for you to not to especially if you are into open world sandbox games and infinite possibilities of building things.

We have a shortlist of some tips for you to try out:

Torches can create a small pocket of air underwater

Trying to mine underwater? You can last longer underwater by placing a torch, as it gets temporarily displaced, you can take a quick breath on the short burst of bubbles it will produce

Torches can break sand and gravel

For some weird reason, you can take out a stack of sand or gravel by placing a torch on the bottom of a stack quickly, you will notice that the stack will collapse on the torch.

Torches can hold sand or gravel

Yep another Torch tip, this time it defies logic as you can place any stack of sand or gravel on a torch by placing a wall-mounted torch, so instead of breaking it apart, it will hold up the stack of sand or gravel

Actually Torches can hold up into any amount of stack

Yes they can hold blocks at any amount, giving you more creative options for your designs.

Signs and ladders can stop a lava or water flow

Need to block off any water or lava flow? Use a sign or a ladder, it will completely block the flow of liquid (and molten rocks) giving you some options to do crazy building designs with ladders and signs.

Two buckets of water is all you need for infinite water source

By creating a trench with a size of just 3 blocks, plus filling both sides with water by using a water bucket, you can create a water source with infinite usage. Just be sure to take water from the middle otherwise the water source will break apart.

And there you have it, this may just a few of the dozens of other Minecraft tips that you can learn. If you have some suggestions or other discovered tips and tricks for Minecraft. You can share them by dropping a comment below


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