?Minecraft? Founder Wealth Making Him Unhappy? Posts Series Of Sad Tweets, What?s Happening?

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If you thought that every billionaire in the world would be eternally happy with their money, then you thought wrong. Markus Persson, the Minecraft founder who sold his company to become an astounding billionaire, revealed in a series of tweets just how unhappy and isolated he is since becoming rich. It?s a matter of fact that most of the people dream in making a company and becoming a billionaire, but life after that dream may almost be uncertain for anyone.

Unfortunately for the Minecraft founder, his life after becoming rich didn?t turn out the way he wanted. After software giant Microsoft bought his company Mojang AB for $2.5 billion, the game developer became a billionaire gaining a personal net worth of about $1.3 billion, posted by Forbes. His royalty and riches became a hit sensation but unlike billionaires, he didn?t like it one bit.

Markus Persson showed his dismay by posting a series of gloomy tweets to say to everyone how suddenly getting everything you want may be a bit of a downfall.

It?s real easy to sympathize for him but he wouldn?t be the first billionaire to share their o loneliness and depression to everyone.


Just last year,?the Minecraft founder?outbid Beyonce and Jay-Z for a Beverly Hills dream mansion. According to Business Insider, Persson made the highest bid ever made in Beverly Hills, which was $70 million. That includes another level of fancy amenities including M&M Towers, A number of Vodka & Tequila bars, 15 bathrooms (with Toto Neorest toilets that cost a whopping $5,600 each) and an insane movie theater.

But apparently, material things weren?t enough to make him happy.

But if there is a lesson to be learned from this story, it?s that one way or another you get a wakeup call and there?s bound to be ways in finding a happier things, sometimes in social media.

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