Minecraft For PS4 With DualShock 4 Touchpad Support To Arrive In August, PS3 Version Will Have Upgrade Offer

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Minecraft for PS4 to arrive in August; comes with DualShock 4 support

The latter part of this year?s summer will be exciting for world-building video game fans as the highly-anticipated Minecraft for PS4 will finally be released. Arriving in August, the game?s developer Mojang teases fans with a new trailer.

According to Owen Hill, Chief Word Officer at Mojang, the studio responsible for Minecraft for PS4, the new game will make use of the DualShock 4?s touchpad. It is the PlayStation 4?s latest controller redesign that features capacitive touch input, built-in speaker, and enhanced SixAxis motion sensor. This controller will allow players to steer through crafts & menus as well as stream & share their adventures using the console?s social features.

In the trailer, iconic PlayStation characters are shown trudging through the game, including Ratchet, Kratos, and Clank. Other characters who made an appearance include a wanderer from the game Journey and Ellie from Last of Us. New skin packs along with other exclusive PlayStation downloadable contents (DLC) will be released to Minecraft for PS4 following its launch in August. The new skins for the Minecraft PS3 version were already available last May as part of its Skin Pack 2 offering.

Minecraft for PS4 will support up to eight players in multiplayer mode, which includes up to four players displayed via splitscreen on one PS4 console. Aside from the Dualshock 4 support, the new Minecraft PS4 version will offer ?worlds? that are 36 times larger than those found in the PS3 version, according to a Playstation blog.

Screenshot from the new Minecraft for PS4 trailer

Screenshot from the new Minecraft for PS4 trailer

The said blog post also mentioned that Minecraft worlds from PS3 can be imported in the Minecraft for PS4 version. The other way, PS4 to PS3, would be impossible because of the larger data requirements permitted by PS4. Though a number of DLC packs bought for the PS3 can be brought over to the next-gen console, not all will be supported. There are select add-ons limited to the PS3 due to some licensing agreements.

Minecraft for PS4 will be available to download for $ 19.99. For owners of the PS3 version who intend to update their game, Mojang will only ask for a $ 4.99 payment. Once released, these new ports will add to the approximately 40 million total units sold by the game so far.

Watch the full Minecraft for PS4 trailer here:

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