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Minecraft Exploration Update: New Features Added to Lead to Treasures, Dungeons, Llamas and Illagers

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The new Minecraft Exploration update is finally here. It is titled Exploration Update and it can be enjoyed on PC and Mac. Microsoft undoubtedly works constantly to keep the players happy with regular updates like this.

The aforementioned update adds a list of new features into the Java version for PC and Mac. It includes an Exploration Map that can lead players to special treasure locations. The maps will also take you to Illagers, the evil counterpart to Villagers. ?

Moreover, these added maps are all you need to transport your loot as they can also lead you to llamas and woodland mansion dungeons.

A trailer for the latest Minecraft exploration update is already out. It gives some helpful details about the new features so be sure to check it out.

The Exploration Update

Minecraft officially released The Exploration Update, also known as 1.11, on November 14. The Exploration Update was previously announced during the Minecon.

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According to winbeta.org, Ocean Monuments and the new Woodland Mansions are indicated on the map with an icon. This means players can enjoy the chance to explore and fight the new enemies, specifically the Illagers. The Illagers are unsurprisingly aggressive so be sure to prepare your sword and inventories well.

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Players can now better store their treasures with the use of the new Shulker Boxes. Players can also opt to use the Llama caravans.

The Exploration Update for Minecraft indeed includes more new gameplay while it enhances the ones which are currently available. Players can have this exciting update downloaded by opening the launcher and selecting the profile for current release content. And, that?s all you need to do to dive into your next journey.

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