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Minecraft Ender Update: Release Date And What To Expect From Mojang’s Major Patch

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Minecraft Ender Update

Minecraft Ender update 1.0 is coming soon on Pocket, Windows 10 and Gear VR editions later this year. The new content will include the Ender Dragon and will also add The End dimension to the game. According to game developer Mojang, the major update will also make significant changes in the block world height by raising it from 128 blocks to 256 blocks.

Mojang in its official note said that the major patch 1.0, the Minecraft Ender update will bring the dragon, which is the ultimate enemy of the Minecraft players. The company assures fans that even after defeating the dragon, players will still receive updates for Windows 10 and Pocket Editions. The company has also kicked off beta for the the ender update.

The Minecraft update is bringing hours of gameplay for players, and additionally, it is also bringing Elytra wings. Players will now be able to glide in the game, although it won?t help them fly upwards. Mojang also teased fans that there will be more features in the Minecraft Ender update, but the studio wants fans to find those secrets.

What The Minecraft Ender Update Means

Of course, the upcoming update will change the way you play the game. As the ender update is coming, you?ll be exploring the end of the game that includes a boss battle with the Ender Dragon. Your goal is to defeat the boss, but what will happen after that? According to Mojang, players will be able to explore more in the outer islands that feature End Cities. Mojan in its official blog writes that players in these cities will encounter the new Shulker mob. The players will be able to pick purple blocks, farm chorus plants and loot the glider.

No official release date has been confirmed for the update. According to the developer, players can sign up for the beta, and later the details of the final update will be unveiled.

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