Mindy Mann: Know The Girl Who Broke Up Gwen And Gavin

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Mindy Mann?s is going through a lot of embarrassment and trouble after it was revealed that she had an affair with Gavin Rossdale behind Gwen Stefani?s back. A longtime neighbor of the Mann family in Australia couldn?t stop stressing to reporters how wild Mindy?s behavior has always been.

According to Hollywood Life?when attempts to track down Mindy Mann?s family were made, they were quite shocked and refused to stay mum about her alleged affair. However, a close family member of theirs opened up about Mindy and spoke the truth about her.

The Mann?s neighbor revealed that whenever Mindy comes back from the United States to her hometown of Tallebudgera, located on the Queensland Gold Coast in Australia, it?s party central 24/7. Mindy?s a bit wild, and her family allegedly facilitates her crazy partying.

Gwen Stefani is divorcing Gavin Rossdale and breaking their13-year marriage. However, here are 5 things to know about this allegedly naughty nanny.

  1. She?s from Down Under.

Mindy is from Australia. Mindy was reportedly recommended as a nanny by friends of Gwen and Gavin, and Mindy jumped at the chance to work for them as a replacement caretaker (before she permanently landed the job.)

  1. Mindy was allegedly a big fan of Gwen.

After Mindy landed the job, she was reportedly excited to work alongside one of her favorite artists, going on tour with her and helping her raise her kids. She reportedly took after Gwen. If Gwen would eat something or do a workout or get a new handbag, Mindy would do the same thing.

  1. She reportedly worked for Gwen and Gavin for 7 years.

Though Mindy and Gavin?s alleged romance has been going on for 3 years, she has been reportedly working for both him and Gwen since 2008. She was brought on to lend a hand raising their sons Kingston, 9, and Zuma, 7. Mindy was even with the family when they welcomed their third son, Apollo Bowie, in 2014.

  1. Gavin found her irresistible ? he couldn?t keep his hands off of her!

Mindy has been allegedly sleeping with Gavin since 2012, and there was an early signs of their attraction. While Gavin and Mindy took Kingston and Zuma hiking in Nov. 2012, Gavin was caught with his hand on the nanny?s butt! Gavin said he was trying ?to keep her from falling,? but that may not be the case now. Gavin allegedly left Gwen after the 2014 birth of their son Apollo to have sex with Mindy!

  1. Mindy?s tech savvy, but not that tech smart.

Mindy was reportedly active on her social media accounts while working for Gwen. She should have been smarter with her tech ? the family iPad was synced up with Gavin?s phone and received all the nude photos and dirty text messages between Mindy and Gavin. Gwen reportedly confronted Gavin about the alleged affair and she subsequently fired Mindy. Gwen then filed for divorce.

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