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Millie Bobby Brown

Asia Pop Comicon Manila 2016 was blast especially with Millie Bobby Brown, who played Eleven in Stranger Things, gracing the event for a fan meet and greet. During the media session, Millie answered questions about her role in the show, her similarities with Eleven, hints for Season 2 and more.


During this media session, Millie came in looking very simple and sweet. She answered questions very professionally and with so much charm. Millie is warmly welcomed and loved by her fans in Manila, in gratitude she expresses ? I love Manila, it?s amazing.?

Millie Bobby Brown


When asked if Winona Ryder, her co-star from Stranger Things, has given her any acting advice, Millie says that Winona is her very good friend and her go-to person especially when having trouble with a scene or how to deliver. ?She (Winona) would tell me what she thought of how I should do it. She is not a criticizing person at all, so it?s more just to help me understand the scene.?


Millie had to chop off her hair when she took the role of Eleven. She reveals that it wasn?t difficult to do so as she was very excited during the day Eleven was born, ?I couldn?t get on the chair quick enough. ?Chop it off?, let me get started with filming!? She also reveals why she does not relate to Eleven in real life, ?I talk a lot, I?m very happy.. Quite opposite. I don?t know why I felt sorry for her (Eleven) when I read the script,? Mille says. ?For some reason I just wanted to be a part of this project. And that?s why you know I had to cut my hair off because I wanted to show my dedication for the show.? ?

Millie Bobby Brown


Millie also proved that she can be funny. When asked, If you had a message to your character, Eleven, what would it be? Millie responds, ?Slow down your reading, you can get indigestion.? What happens to Eleven in season 2? ?She moves to LA and she finds a nice mansion,? she?replies jokingly. Apparently, even Millie doesn?t know the plot for season 2 but she says she does hope that Eleven moves to LA and adds, ?with the great lifestyle? pertaining to the hollywood celebrity lifestyle in LA.


Here?s a short video clip of Millie Bobby Brown in Asia Pop Comicon Manila 2016.


No official news yet for the renewal of Stranger Things Season 2, stay tuned in TheBitBag for updates.


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