Milktape: A USB Cassette Mixed-Tape Where You Can Drag & Drop Music For Your Sweetheart

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Milktape: A USB Cassette Mixed-Tape Where You Can Drag & Drop Music For Your Sweetheart


One of the most iconic and romantic items that ever emerged from the 70’s and early 80’s is the ?mixed-tape? (also known as ?mixtape?), or more accurately, an audio tape cassette mixed with your favorite songs and music, for the purpose of giving this ?gift? to a special someone.

With the birth of the Compact Disc or the CD (developed by Philips and Sony, commercially available since October 1982), the mixed-tape slowly disappeared as more and more people discarded their cassette tape players and replaced them with the CD player.

An outfit called MILKTAPE MIXTAPE CO., is bringing back the charm and nostalgic feeling for those who loved, lost, and loved again in the 70’s and 80’s era, with the ?Milktape?, a USB Cassette Mixed-Tape.

The Milktape is a USB stick in the form of an audio cassette tape.

This tech enhanced ?classic? item is compatible for both the Mac and the PC and was deliberately limited with a comparatively ?small? storage space of 128 MB. The purpose of this, according to the makers of Milktape, is so that the user or the ?gift-giver? will make sure that the approximately 15 songs that it would be able to hold, will be carefully handpicked.

This will enable the Milktape to maintain the charm and special significance that the classic mixed-tape used to have.

Once the Milktape is plugged into your Mac or PC, the user can easily drag and drop selected songs or music from any folder from the computer or even from iTunes.

The ?maker? of the mixed-tape can then personalize the item by writing on the included blank cover and stickers, just like the way it was done in the 70’s and 80’s.

Milktape is offered as a stand-alone item or as a customized product. The company behind Milktape boasts of working with several big companies like Marriott, Universal Records and Converse, by providing them with a classic marketing and gift item.

Although there are other brands of USB Mixed-Tapes in the market (there is MixDrive, Ion Tape2PC, and generic products I found sold at and Ebay), Milktape claims to be the leading producer of USB cassette tapes in the planet.

Milktape is available in more than 35 countries worldwide and has been actively selling their product since 2012.

Each Milktape is sold for US$ 15.00 in the Milktape website and can ship to the rest of the world (aside from the US and Canada) via Canada Post.

For custom made Milktape USB Cassettes, companies (or individuals) who want to use these items for marketing or other purposes, can choose the 128 MB, 512 MB or 1GB USB cassettes. For the 128 MB item, prices can go as low as US$ 5.50 per unit for a minimum quantity of 1,000 pcs.

Milktape also offers additional services like logo artwork set up (free if you use the Milktape logo with it), printing, and pre-loading of audio files.

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