These military-grade iPhone cases will keep your phone safe 24/7

They’re made to withstand any situation and environment.

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Invest in Raptic's military-grade iPhone cases to keep your phone safe and protected:

  • Raptic Clear Case
  • Raptic Terrain Case
  • Raptic Shield Case
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Ever worry that you might accidentally drop and break your phone? If you’re looking for high-quality, durable, and military-grade cases for your devices, Raptic is the brand for you.

Raptic offers premium protective cases that are durable, shockproof, and drop-proof. The brand’s promises to provide protective cases that enable your phone to withstand any situation and environment. If you’re looking to upgrade your phone cases, here are our favorite military-grade phone cases from Raptic.

The Raptic clear cases are perfect for minimalists who prefer a simple look. They are ultra-durable with 6-foot drop protection, two layers of shock-absorbing polymer, and a polycarbonate shell. This clear case is also very slim, which makes it perfect to carry around. Furthermore, it has wireless charging capabilities.

The Raptic terrain case will protect your phone from scratches and bumps, while reducing your impact on the environment at the same time. Made in the USA, this case is completely biodegradable and cuts down on carbon emissions. The terrain case also features 10-foot drop protection and a frosted transparent back case to highlight the color of your phone.

If you want to give your phone the ultimate protection, we recommend the Raptic shield case. This specific variant features a clear polycarbonate back panel that is carefully designed and manufactured to protect your phone from impact and scratches. Their shield cases also have a shock-absorbing air pockets feature, where the inside is built with soft rubber to absorb shock and the outside has a metal frame for added protection.