Miley Cyrus To Host MTV Video Music Awards, Social Media Goes Crazy

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Disney?s very own girl-gone-wild, Miley Cyrus just announced that she?s hosting the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, and both fans and haters alike are reacting!

Via her social media posts, the music scene?s resident bad girl announced that she?s getting the MTV VMA?s hosting gig via a photo of herself in a green alien costume and a sandwich board. The boards read “MTV won’t let me perform” and “so I’m hosting this year’s VMAs”.

Fans react

The reactions are divided. There are definitely those who are thrilled at the idea of the singer, famous for hits like Wrecking Ball, We Won?t Stop, and the growing in popularity, Backyard Series, hosting the music awards known for its over-the-top production.

One fan reacted, ?Miley cyrus is awesome crazy as hell but awesome going to be a great show!?

Another enthusiastic commenter also said, ?Omg miley I am such a huge fan of you. Usually I miss out on the VMAs but I sure as hell will not miss this one. You will make it more exciting. I remember watching the 2013 vma performance of you twerking with a foam finger and I fell in love with you right away. Do ya thang smiley miley!?

A user under the name The Met Gala, gave this objective comment: ?I saw this coming. She did an amazing job with Nicki Minaj introducing Madonna at the Grammy Awards. It’s going to be a dynamic show.?

Of course there are the haters:

?No talent hack hosting a show celebrating other no talent hacks on a network that is supposed to be MUSIC television but instead features no talent hacks doing stupid human tricks. Miley is just like MTV…to cover the utter lack of ingenuity, they resort to shock value to get the easily-entertained to pay at least some attention to them. They deserve each other and their low ratings….sooner or later, her lack of talent and/or inability to shock will make her irrelevant. To most of us, she already is,? said user Wayzupuc.

Another proceeded to say, ?The more reasons why parents wouldn?t let their kids watch the MVA?s,? while many simply asked the question, ?Why???? ? question mark and all, while a good number of commenters simply said, ?We miss the old Miley.? The comments most likely pertained to the artist?s goody-two-shoes Hannah Montana character, which is a complete turn around to her obvious wild side to date.

Miley Cyrus to host MTV VMA

Miley has been making headlines for her bizaare behavior in the past MTV VMA?s. In 2013, she made some really big headlines for her racy performance with Robin Thicke which started the phenomenon, twerking.

In last year?s VMAs, she asked a homeless guy, Jesse Helt, to accept her award for Best Video of the Year. Helt turned out to be a wanted felony, but Miley went on to champion the cause of homeless youths in the US ? showing another side of her that has negated her wild behavior.

Miley has also been well publicized for her highly suggestive stunts in her controversial Bangerz Tour, and her romantic relationship with Victoria?s Secret model, Angela Maxwell.

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