Miguel Ferrer Obituary Found? Is NCIS LA Actor Dead From Stroke?

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Miguel Ferrer Obituary

Recently, there have been rumors that involve the NCIS: Los Angeles actors. Apparently, a Miguel Ferrer obituary is making its rounds on the Internet.

Fans of the show may have already known that Ferrer?suffered ?a stroke recently. Ferrer, who plays Assistant Director of NCIS Owen Granger, appears to have had a stroke that might be a hereditary one.

According to reports from the Morning Ledger, Ferrer?s father Jose Ferrer died due to colon cancer. Hence, his father?s death made him a supporter of cancer patients. In addition, Miguel?s mother who was a popular American pop singer also died from lung cancer.

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Miguel Ferrer Obituary

Furthermore, rumors suggest that Ferrer?s recent illness will affect his character. That being said, Ferrer?now works with the Alliance for Aging Research for Cancer. With this, he is able to educate both caregivers and cancer patients regarding the importance of medical decisions.

Miguel Ferrer Obituary News: NCIS Actor Committed Suicide?

On the other hand, there has been a report that involved Miguel Ferrer allegedly committing suicide. Is the Miguel Ferrer obituary news really true? According to BaltimoreSun, Police said Miguel Ferrer hanged himself in the storage area of his store.

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However, the Miguel Ferrer who committed suicide appears to be a different person from the NCIS: Los Angeles actor. Apparently, the Miguel who committed suicide was the owner of the popular Canton running store.

Despite this, the Miguel Ferrer obituary news still hasn?t died down. At the present time, numerous celebrities sometimes hide their illness from the world. In this case, Ferrer?didn?t really suffer a stroke.

Miguel Ferrer Obituary News: Stroke Rumors Are False

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At the present time, speculating rumors are now proven to be false. In fact, Ferrer?will actually be in another show, Twin Peaks. However, Kyle MacLachlan is currently the only confirmed cast.

To clarify, the Miguel Ferrer obituary news are?just rumors. The actor is alive and well despite the circulating news regarding his demise.

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