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Miguel Ferrer Leaving NCIS LA Confirmed? Health Issues Very Serious?

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Miguel Ferrer

NCIS Los Angeles has been one of the most popular detective procedural shows on television ever since it started. The show has a combination of a great cast and amazing writing that has resulted in the spin-off to already be in its eighth season. There may be some changes coming to the cast soon though as rumors have surfaced that Miguel Ferrer could be leaving the show due to alleged health issues.

While Chris O?Donnell and LL Cool J may grace the posters of NCIS LA, Miguel Ferrer?s Owen Granger character is another one who is close to the heart of the show?s fans. The Assistant Director of NCIS is a big role for Ferrer, but it appears he could he leaving in the near future.

According to Morning News USA, Miguel Ferrer?s health has been in the news lately. He has been rumored to have suffered a stroke though it has not been confirmed just yet.

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Aside from the rumored stroke, Ferrer is also said to have been suffering from an undisclosed disease. This is definitely concerning for his fans although Ferrer himself has not released a statement about the rumors.

If the rumblings are indeed true, leaving the show would probably be the right move for Ferrer. While the role has been a big breakout for him, his health is obviously more important.

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With the possibility that his Owen Granger character could be making an exit soon, the show?s producers are likely figuring out their options.?Stay tuned to TheBitBag for more!

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