Miguel Ferrer Illness, Weight Loss Caused by Cancer? Voice Changing Could Mean Throat Cancer, Stroke Happened?

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News on NCIS?s Miguel Ferrer illness previously claimed that the actor suffered a major stroke. It supposedly happened while he was on the set of NCIS Los Angeles season 8. Now, new reports suggest that the actor?s illness is more than his heart condition.

Rumors are swirling that Ferrer is suffering from cancer like his parents. Many based their assumptions on the actor?s changing voice. Several NCIS Los Angeles season 8 viewers also noticed that Ferrer had lost some weight.

Many are quick to speculate that Miguel Ferrer?s illness is throat cancer. It is speculated that he will have to leave NCIS Los Angeles season 8 soon. What is really happening?

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Miguel Ferrer Illness

Opposing reports claim that Ferrer is not battling cancer. Miguel Ferrer illness could be a heart attack or cardiac arrest. The actor?s changing voice might be a post symptom of a previous heart attack.

Some Los Angeles season 8 viewers complain that the words coming out of Ferrer?s mouth are difficult to understand. Rumors have it that his character will soon leave the investigative American TV series. Are we saying goodbye to Owen Granger one of these days?

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Inherited Illness

Right now, the actor?s camp has not released any official statements about the Miguel Ferrer illness. Since the issue is yet to be clarified, speculations about the Miguel Ferrer illness keep on coming.

Ferrer?s father, Jose, died due to complications brought about by colon cancer. His mother, Rosemary Clooney, also battled lung cancer. She died at the age of 74.

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Meanwhile, Morning Ledger states that the actor is doing well. The outlet also reported that he will be taking part in the revival of Twin Peaks next year.

What are your thoughts about the Miguel Ferrer illness? Share us what you think through the comment section below and keep checking here for more updates on Ferrer?s health.

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