Miguel Ferrer Dead? NCIS Plotline Altered Due to Actor’s Sudden Death?

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Miguel Ferrer

NCIS LA Fans have noticed that Miguel Ferrer, also known as Owen Grander, hasn?t been out on the TV screens that much. Is Miguel Ferrer dead??News about his alleged illness have been going around online, justifying his absence on NCIS.

But one thing?s for sure. Miguel Ferrer is definitely NOT dead, and he?s not suffering from cancer or a stroke. Apparently, the actor?s just one of the victims of celebrity killings that?s filling social media feeds.

How?s Miguel Ferrer Doing?

Now that you know that Miguel Ferrer?s alive and kicking, then you must be asking why he hasn?t been active on NCIS.

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One of the possible reasons for the actor?s non-appearance might be because of the upcoming sequel of Twin Peaks?which he will star in as Albert Rosenfield, an FBI agent. Since the release date of the American mystery series is getting close, it?s safe to assume that Ferrer?s been busy with his new role.

Miguel Ferrer

NCIS LA on the other hand, is currently emphasizing on Deeks and Kensi?s story; which might be another reason why?Miguel Ferrer is not under?the spotlight. The previous episodes of Kensi attending her therapy had been widely talked about, surpassing The Walking Dead.

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What Lit Up the Speculations About Ferrer?s Illness?

Speculations about Ferrer suffering from cancer intensified due to the fact that his?father, Jose Ferrer, died from colon cancer in 1992. In 2001, Miguel Ferrer?s mother also died from lung cancer.

This was said to be the reason why the actor?decided to be an advocate of cancer awareness. But despite his parents? medical history, we can say that the actor is perfectly healthy, and there?s nothing to worry about!

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