Mighty No. 9 Disappoints, Megaman Producer Takes Responsibility

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Mighty No. 9

Mighty No. 9 has finally come out, and it might not have been worth the wait. While it is not an atrocity by any means, game critics have labeled the platformer as mediocre and average, which has disappointed many a gamer hoping to play the spiritual successor of the beloved Mega Man games.

In light of the game?s reception, game designer Keiji Inafune has stated that he owns all the problems of the Mega Man love letter, as reported by Kotaku. He admits that while it sounds like a faulty excuse, he said he is the game designer, so he should take a brunt of the blame, which is somewhat admirable.

He also admits that he should not have planned to release the game on so many systems right away. Polygon reports that the Xbox 360 version has been delayed, which will probably tick off owners of the last-gen console.

Compare this to Shovel Knight, which started out as a PC game but slowly gained popularity and was eventually released for other systems. These days, it?s hard to name a gaming platform that doesn?t have access to Shovel Knight, but the indie darling has earned it, since the developers did not rush the game to other platforms.

Once again, Mighty No. 9 isn?t the worst game ever. Critics have praised the game?s interesting gameplay mechanics where players have to shoot enemies then dash at them to build up a combo meter. It?s unique and something that wasn?t in the original Mega Man games, though critics complained that missing a combo would make portions of the various levels slow and plodding.

Still, it seems like the game is a disappointment and might hinder the excitement for Inafune?s other project, Red Ash. While Mighty No. 9 was a Mega Man successor, Red Ash is more in line with the Mega Man Legends series that came out on the original PlayStation.

Those interested in the game can pick up Mighty No. 9 right now on the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, PS Vita and PC. Picking up a retail copy of the PS4 version gets players the PS3 and Vita ports as well as some bonus DLC.

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