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Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor Release Date: Monolith Productions Says Game Launch Earlier Than Expected

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Good news for Middle-Earth aficionado!?Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor Release Date is now set earlier than expected. Monolith, the prodigy behind F.E.A.R. (First Encounter Assault Recon) and the Condemned series, has recently stated that they will unravel the epic installment of the Middle-earth saga one week earlier than initially announced.

Middle-Earth, the most beloved RPG franchise returns in full swing. The latest outing is packed with smoldering snippets including vast customization options and immersive player interaction. The developers boast on a more dynamic experience, stressing on intuitive character development, awe-inspiring art direction and painstaking level design. In addition, they will be introducing a neoteric scheme that allows a player to remember his or her interactions with specific types of characters; this ingenious layout is known as the NEMESIS System. Explore scenic landscapes and breathtaking realms, as you meander towards glory. Wage war with Sauron?s minions using your numinous abilities and a plethora of weapons. This is truly an exciting time to push the envelope and embrace new RPG mechanics.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor bridges the gap between JRR Tolkien?s literary masterpieces: The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Players assume the role of Talion, your average Joe, an unfortunate Ranger who has been odiously murdered by Sauron?s nefarious henchmen. The audacious warrior was benevolently revived by a vengeful specter seeking retribution against the sinister aristocrat Sauron. Follow Talion and his endless pursuit to attain hard justice and conquer the evil kingpin?s lair.

The game was slated for an October 7 release; however the developers have generously reconsidered after a comprehensive deliberation. The decision to bump up the release was immensely swayed by clamoring fans as revealed by a Warner Bros. publisher.

Console owners including XBOX One, PS4, XBOX 360 and PS3 will get their grubby hands on the game September 3rd. while PC and Steam enthusiasts will join the fleet October 2nd. RPG fans can now rejoice, spread the good word, the coming of Talion is at hand.

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