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Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Introduces the Unique Nemesis System

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Play the role of the Gravewalker Talion set in the Lord of the Rings Universe in the upcoming game Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. The timeline of the game is set between the events of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings saga where our protagonist is a ranger from Gondor where he and his family were killed. After being revived with ?wraith like? abilities, Talion enters Mordor to exact his revenge against Sauron and his armies.

The game introduces an all new system called ?Nemesis? where every interaction Talion makes in the game reacts and evolves to affect him later in the future. Here are some few awesome mechanics which result from the Nemesis system which is both unique and a new experience to all the players and fans out there.

Shadow of Mordor

Screenshot from Official Shadow of Mordor Trailers Posted on YouTube

Wraith Mode. Being revived with wraith like abilities, Talion can enter wraith mode which brings serious advantage for Talion against his foes. He?ll acquire supernatural ways to kill his targets and have the ability to find specific Orc leaders hidden within numbers of Orc legions.

Mind Control. Talion can use two different skill sets in the game; the ranger mode or the wraith mode and both of them are improved or upgraded separately. Mind control can be used in wraith mode to control Orcs; they can be ordered to provide a distraction for you, attack specific enemies directly or be sent back to spread fear among the enemies. You can even control countless number of Orcs if you wish to raise an army against Sauron.

Train Your Orc. A mind controlled Orc can be trained to become stronger. They can rise in the ranks of the enemy and can eventually kill Orc leaders for you if they become strong enough.

Unique Experience. The concept of the Nemesis system allows players to have unique experiences compared to other people. The system is so dynamic that the game will have different storylines depending on your actions in the game. A nameless Orc encountered early in the game can rise in ranks of the enemy as you progress, leaving you with a personal arch-enemy that harbors personal vengeance against you and you alone.

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