Mid Autumn Festival Beliefs Show How To Have A Boyfriend: Fortune Teller Says Tonight Is A Great Time To Pray For Love!

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There could be no better time to pray for love but tonight when the moon is at its roundest and brightest. If your phone is filled with dating apps, always socializing and trying to find love but remains loveless until this very minute, pray.

While China celebrates its Moon Festival, the sky will be in a very lucky condition. Those who are alone now, but do not want to be alone for the rest of their lives can take advantage of some fortunate conditions up above to finally find true love.

According to Thai fortune-teller Todsaphon Sritula, the moon will be at its most powerful tonight. It would be a perfect timing to pray to the God of Love.

Pray for Love

Sritula, who is also known as Mor Chang, advised loveless souls to take advantage of the condition of the sky to pray something very specific. That is to pray for love.

As you pray, be sure that you are facing the East and you have 3-5 incense sticks lit up. You also need to chant a verse from the Book of Moon and end the ritual with the words ?Sae Sung Mangkalung Yajami.? The ritual should be done when the night is still young.

Sritula further stated that a couple of mooncakes should be offered by those who are praying for love. Those who feel hopeless or desperate can add a couple of candles, gold and silver paper, and clean water.

The power of the moon can also benefit those who are praying for success. You just need to make an offering and throw some cosmetics and perfume with it. Grapefruit, banana, orange, pear and grapes would be great for offerings.

Sritula was able to make it clear that singletons are not the only ones who are advised to pray for love. Even couples can do so to strengthen their relationships. Lovebirds should share bits of the food after they have offered them to the moon.

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