Microsoft?s Office for iPad Dominates Download Charts

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Microsoft recently launched its Office apps for iPad users and it already made waves in the App Store within 24 hours. The apps, particularly the three freemium apps that require a $99 subscription, dominated the top spots of the App Store?s free downloads. The subscription is required to allow editing of documents, as well as performing other functions. Microsoft OneNote, which took the number 4 spot, does not need a subscription, but also has ties to the Office.

A Productive Friday for iPad Users

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella tweeted about iPad owners having a productive Friday. The tweet drew attention because of the screen shot of the apps on top of the App Store. The Word for iPad got the top spot, while the Excel for iPad and PowerPoint for iPad got the second and third spots, respectively. Microsoft?s OneNote ranked fourth on the list. These apps offer way better features than the ones readily available on iPhone. However, you need to be an Office 365 subscriber to create and edit contents.

Saying Hello to an Old Pal


Users will find the Office for iPad apps easy to use because the interface looks familiar to Office users. The apps have the usual tables, fonts and the Ribbon with pop ? up menus when you tap an icon. The iPad version, however, offers unique features like the table recommendations and custom numeric keypad in Excel. This version also includes a built ? in connection to Microsoft OneDrive and supports real ? time collaboration within documents.

Office in Windows Store

Microsoft unveiled that it would soon launch an Office version for the Windows Store. This means that the future version of the Office will run in the modern touch ? first environment on every Windows PC. The present version of the Office 365 apps run on the desktop version, as well.

Reports on the Office for iPad launch began last week, but has been rumored for years. It was said that the release was put on hold due to an internal debate in Microsoft, whether the plan would undermine its strategy for Windows 8. It was just last fall when former CEO Steve Ballmer revealed the team?s plan to make an iPad version.

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