Microsoft’s Cortana Versus Apple’s Siri in A Windows Phone 8.1 Ad

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Microsoft had?its eye on Apple?s Digital Assistant ?Siri? some time ago when they had the materialization of ?Cortana? in mind. Today, we see this ?video, which??is actually a commercial where Cortana ?pwns? Siri by a mile. This has drawn?out ?fanboys? and haters of each brand as seen on the YouTube video?s comment thread.

This might look entertaining and a bit intriguing (Microsoft blatantly placed the iPhone 5S next to the Lumia, and even used Siri), but ?people had mixed reactions about the Anniversary Commercial, from the Windows Phone YouTube channel?s video, especially for those who have used Apple?s iPhone and Siri for years.

In the commercial, a low-end Lumia 625 with Cortana beat the high-end iPhone 5S with Siri in terms of digital assistant responses and uses. Cortana was able to handle location-based reminders, traffic alerts, and other stuff that Siri is not capable of doing.

?Now that is a smartphone? Siri said after the comparison, as Lumia was promoted with its cheap price range. This is not the first time that Microsoft bashed an Apple product as they also did this with the iPad using Siri in comparison to its first Windows 8 tablet commercial.

The commercial, however, didn?t focus much on Cortana on its own as Microsoft?s take seems a bit outdated for a Windows Phone 8.1 update that already includes tons of improvements.

This, obviously, sparked a lot of attention from people as it is obviously ?rekindling? the PC vs. Mac war.

For those who don?t know, Cortana is based-off from a fictional character in Microsoft?s Halo series on the Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. She is Master Chief?s digital assistant who always accompanied him with his journey. The idea of Cortana, being a digital assistant, is heavily influenced by Cortana?s role in the Halo series. She?s that blue chick that you always see on the hologram talking to Master Chief!

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