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Microsoft: Xbox One Software Development Kit Update Unlocks More GPU Bandwith To Improve Game Graphics

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Xbox One has new developer kit intended to boost graphics performance

Microsoft?s latest gaming console, the Xbox One, has a new software development kit (SDK) available that will allow developers to create games that require increased graphics bandwidth. The company has chosen not to disclose this via a press release or a full-featured blog post. In a rather subtle but effective way, Xbox Head Phil Spencer shared this news via Twitter on Wednesday.

A Microsoft representative said that this Xbox One SDK update will grant developers the option to access extra graphics processing unit (GPU) resources formerly reserved for Kinect compatibility and other system functions. It is said that the additional resources may free up to 10 percent of added GPU performance. The company expressed that they are dedicated in giving flexibility and new tools to game developers that may result to better Xbox One games.

In simpler terms, this will theoretically enable people making Xbox One games to squeeze out more graphics from the said console. That may be evident in future games that have better frame rate, higher resolution, and sharper images.

Microsoft did not confirm whether this Xbox One update?s increased GPU bandwidth is directly related to their decision to unbundle Kinect from the Xbox One package or just another planned feature. Xbox executive Yusuf Mehdi said in an interview with Polygon that Microsoft is planning to formulate changes to the software architecture of Xbox One as the game console already has reserved resources for Kinect. But he clarified that it was tied to the CPU and not the console?s GPU.

Although the Xbox One is an extremely capable console, it still supports many multiplatform games running at a lower frame rate or resolution than its Sony counterpart ? the PlayStation 4. Even as the difference is hardly seen upfront, many hardcore gamers tend to favor consoles that can deliver better graphic performance, however small it may be.

Aside from this SDK release, Microsoft also released an Xbox One update for its firmware. The system update is intended to provide support for external hard drives as well as the option to display the real names of a user?s Xbox Live friends. To specify, the new firmware now allows a hard drive (256 GB or more) to connect to its system via a USB 3.0 port. Furthermore, players now have the ability to copy downloadable content and even whole games on the external storage and use it to play on another Xbox One console.


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