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Microsoft Xbox 2 Project Scorpio Price, Specs & Setup

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Microsoft Project Scorpio

Even though Microsoft just released the Xbox One S a few months ago, netizens are still talking about the upcoming Microsoft console. This time around, the software giant is boasting native 4K gaming support with its Xbox One. The Microsoft Project Scorpio features an eight-core GPU that runs at six trillion floating point operations per second. To cap it off, the console will be compatible with current Xbox One games as well as accessories.

The Microsoft Project Scorpio was first announced during this year?s Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, California. During the event, Microsoft highlighted the impressive specs for its upcoming console for 2017.

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The native support for 4K gaming as well as 6 teraflops of processing power are truly impressive, on the scale of things. However, gaming in 4K will only be attained with the necessary hardware in tow. Of course, gamers who want to use the upcoming Xbox console in 4K would need a television that supports such resolution. This could mean that added to the initial price of the console, gamers will need to spend more on the setup.

Microsoft Project Scorpio

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In addition to the hardware, the game titles would also need to support higher resolution gaming. While this may not incur additional expenses, one must still be careful in choosing the games to purchase. For sure, Microsoft will include upscaling features for the current games through backwards compatibility.

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Apart from the television, nothing else needs to be sorted out for the Project Scorpio console. Furthermore, it will be compatible with existing accessories that are available for the Xbox One and Xbox One S.

Unfortunately, for virtual reality of VR fans, the Project Scorpio will not come with VR hardware just yet. Although it supports VR gaming, Microsoft believes that the technology is still too early for console gaming. However, with the success of the Playstation VR, Microsoft might rethink its earlier decision about VR hardware.

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The Microsoft Project Scorpio console is slated for a late 2017 release. According to the Microsoft website, it will be released during the holiday season. Although somewhat vague in the announcement, one can deduce that it may be somewhere between November and December 2017. As for the price, to date, Microsoft has not yet given any indication as to how much the console will be. Nevertheless, consumers can expect retail price to be somewhere to the tune of $400. A tiny bit more expensive than the current Xbox One S.

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