Microsoft Lied; Not All Windows Phones Will Get Windows 10 OS Upgrade

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Microsoft has let down many Windows phone users again with the new announcement regarding Windows 10. Sometimes tech companies fail to fulfill the promises they make and disappoint their consumers, and Microsoft is no exception. Microsoft previously promised Windows 10 for all Windows smartphone users, but now the company is apparently not going to deliver on its promise, which has made Windows phone users angry.

A recent tweet by AdDuplex Founder and CEO Alan Mendelevich states that nearly 50 percent of Windows smartphones will not be getting the Windows 10 Mobile upgrade anytime soon. The interesting thing about the AdDuplex report is that the company reportedly took into account the number of active Windows phone users when it mentioned the 50 percent. Microsoft initially said that the company will try to reach more smartphones with Windows 10, but if the AdDuplex report is something to go by, many handsets will not receive the latest Windows version anytime soon.

Microsoft launched Windows 10 in July last year, and Windows 7 and 8.1 users were given the opportunity to upgrade to it without dropping a single buck. Even in 2014, the company announced that every Windows smartphone will get the Windows 10 upgrade after its release. Microsoft previously made the same mistake as it can be recalled that the company did not even upgrade Windows 7 phones to Windows 8. This has made many users skeptic about Microsoft upgrading all smartphones to Windows 10, and now their doubts have indeed become a reality.

Recently, Microsoft rolled out updates for Lumia mobile phones, and Lumia handset users can now upgrade their devices to Windows 10. However, the company is still leaving a few Windows smartphones behind. It is said that only Windows phones with 1GB of RAM and Windows 8.1 can be upgraded to Windows 10. Even if you head to the official Windows blog, it clearly states that the company is only bringing the Windows 10 update to the devices it thinks are capable enough to get consistent support and provide flawless user experience.

On the other hand, Windows phone users whose devices are not officially supported by Windows 10 can check the latest firmware with preview builds. However, it would still be better if Microsoft brings a solution for the issue and delivers what it promised to many Windows phone users.

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