Microsoft Windows 10 for Mobile: Friday Release for Tech Previews; ‘Redstone’ Inbound

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Windows 10, as seen on a Surface Pro. [Microsoft]

Microsoft?s Windows 10 for mobile phones have been a big hit since it was announced. The OS, last seen during a February Microsoft event, will be seamlessly integrated among Microsoft?s devices, including PCs, laptops, Microsoft?s Surface tablets and Windows phones. According to PC World, people won?t have to wait any longer than this Friday for their next look at the Windows 10.

This other report on the Windows 10 has Minecraft written all over it.

Those familiar with the game will know about the name ?Redstone??it?s a substance mined close to the bedrock in Minecraft, which players can use to craft different technologies and make their homes/caves/what-have-yous into a sophisticated steam-punk utopia. Redstone, according to ZD Net, is Microsoft?s next planned update. If you?re thinking that it?s a whole new OS, though, it?s not.

The Latest about Windows 10

The last time anyone?s heard about Windows 10 was when the OS was revealed, along with a ton of features?most notably being streamlined across different platforms.

Sans the obvious imitation of the popular iOS, Windows 10 will be making another appearance this coming Friday, according to PC World. The OS will be showing more features, particularly for the phones. The update?s screenshot appears to reveal the appearance of the Windows 10 OS, showing how it?s beginning to look like an Android port.

More features will be available come Friday, as Microsoft aims to iron out what kinks and problems are left from development.

Codename ?Redstone?

It?s interesting to note that?once upon a time?Windows 10 was dubbed ?Threshold?.

This time around, according to ZD Net, Microsoft is peddling a whole new codename. It?s even lent a Minecraft flavor to the name??Redstone?, after the wonder stone that gives you automation capabilities in the popular game. Will ?Redstone? be a new OS, according to the naming scheme?

Speculation says that it might just be Windows 10?s first major update, since at the date of release, Windows 10 is still fresh. Microsoft, for its part, has chosen to remain silent on inquiries about the OS.

Windows 10?s Popularity

Big things are expected of Windows 10. Since it?s a step towards free sharing on all Windows devices, Microsoft seems ready to take on iOS and their domination of the market. People will get to see more of what Windows 10 can do this coming Friday. If the presentation doesn?t disappoint, perhaps Windows 10 will be what Microsoft has been waiting for.


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