Microsoft Unveils Sunset Overdrive For Xbox One!

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Microsoft and Insomniac games announced the coming of Sunset Overdrive?s co-op multiplayer experience: Chaos Squad exclusively for Xbox One.

Xbox has released a video showcasing what Sunset Overdrive has in store for its multiplayers.

The texts accompanying the video reads:

?Experience the mayhem of this 8-player co-op mode where players vote on and complete different missions across Sunset City. The culmination of Chaos Squad, called Night Defense, will pit your squad against an onslaught of mutants bent on stealing your stash of Overcharge…and your lives. Succeed and you’ll earn sweet loot that can be used in both multiplayer and in your main campaign game.?

So what can we expect from Chaos Squad?

For players who are looking for more challenges and exciting experience, Chaos Squad is for you.


? Choose Your Chaos Wisely ? The amount of Chaos is what determines the difficulty of your team?s final Night Defense. The higher your Chaos? the tougher your Night Defense is going to be, but you?ll get more chances to receive cool rewards at the end. The amount of Chaos you have will depend on which missions you voted for leading up to Night Defense.

? Go straight from campaign to chaos-squad, in game ? With the introduction of Chaos Squad, it brings with it the chance to play with your friends. So if you?re playing in a single-player mode and your friends invited you to the Chaos Squad, you can go straight into multiplayer with the same clothing, same amps, same everything as your character from the single-player campaign


? Then the ?Vote on missions in the open-world? that would lead you to the main event ? Night Defense. After a few rounds of voting and slaying and Chaos or boost getting, your team will face the Night Defense.

? What?s a Night Defense? ? This is where you fend off enemies and protect your vats of Overcharge at one of many forts across the city by not only using your weapons, traversal, and amps ? but by placing traps, as well. And then ? the enemies attack. And what comes next is an assault of 8 players simultaneously jumping, shooting, grinding, and exploding nearly every damn thing in sight.

For more information about the Sunset Overdrive Co-Op Chaos Squad, stay tuned with us!

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