Microsoft trying yet again to drop the BC ball

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I feel bad for cribbing content from Kotaku, but this is important enough people need to see it regardless of source.

Microsoft is downplaying Backwards Compatibility again.

Fact: we as system owners were promised 100% BC. Eventually, to be sure, but 100% means one hundred percent. Not “we’ll do it till we think we can get away with quitting, then spin it as what players wanted.” There are reams and reams of quality XBox games still sitting on shelves, dying on the vine. MS really shouldn’t have pulled support for the XBox as soon as they did; one way to make up for that is to make sure its legacy survives. And that means Backwards Compatibility.

People, this is where the rubber hits the road. Communicate. E-mail MS, post on their forums, do whatever, but get your voices heard. The success of any console-maker in this industry depends on popular support. Let them know this is bullshit, and that we won’t take it quietly.

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