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Microsoft To Launch Its Smartwatch In October

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The move to dominate the market again

As the smartwatch industry keeps soaring, a lot of manufacturers are trying ?to enter the arena of smartwatches by creating ?unique devices to tease their fans who would never want to be left behind.

Recent reports said that Microsoft is now on its way in producing their own smartwatch which would be out in the market by October this year.

Yes! You?ve read it right!

Reports said that Microsoft will join the roster of manufacturers like LG, Samsung, Motorola, and more who took the step forward in creating amazing and wonderful watches for stylish and technology-dependent people nowadays.

Rumors said that Microsoft?s smartwatch will be compatible with other platforms – iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Microsoft?s smartwatch will come in a thinner and lighter version of the Nike Fuelband unlike the recently announced LG G Watch or the Samsung Gear Live that run Android Wear.

Aside from this Nike Fuelband look, it will also feature a built-in heart-rate monitor plus 11 sensors under the hood.

Recent reports said that the device will draw on optical engineering expertise from the Xbox Kinect division to continuously measure heart rate through the day and night. The optical engineers ? including designers and data scientists – from Microsoft?s Kinect division were reported to have created a software platform to go with the smartwatch that will correlate data from the device?s sensors which will provide a more accurate report on heart rate and fitness.

With this sensor-rich smartwatch, Microsoft is hoping for an Xbox and Kinect like success.

This rumored launching of Microsoft would surely be a challenge to Apple who was first reported to launch its purported iWatch later this year. So, expect ?great competition in this market segment.

However, until now, Microsoft has not confirmed nor denied anything with regard to the rumored smartwatch so we?ll update you as soon as there?s additional information. Stay tuned with us!

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