Microsoft To Give Us A Big Surprise This E3 2014, Something Not Yet Done Before: Nelson Was Misunderstood

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Microsoft Promises Something
Microsoft Promises Something

Major Nelson caused quite some stir online with his recent announcement that they are going to pull-off something at E3 that they have never done before. Turns out, it was something else altogether, but it will be something that we might want to watch out for anyway.

“OK. Let’s step back a bit. In the podcast, I said I was doing something never done before. When I said ‘we’ it was in the context of the podcastnot the overall Xbox business. Sure, there are some announcements for E3, but I don’t know everything that we (Xbox business) are announcing.”

It was Major Nelson?s post on reddit. Correcting what seems to be, a misunderstanding from the game news journal site Gamespot. The online gaming news site took a bit of a hit from the its readers (and a large number of haters).

According to their report, Major Nelson stated that they are going to do something that has never been done before in the history of E3. There were no details as to what surprise, Major Nelson, and the rest of the Xbox team, has to offer in the upcoming event. This made some assumptions about some big surprises and referencing the past events, where Microsoft did over the top presentations for certain games that they showcased on the event floor.

Not too long after this news came out, Nelson made some clarification on both reddit and in his Twitter.

?I was referring to something that I will be doing ? a little side project?, Nelson stated in his Tweet.

This, of course, made some of the online gaming news site?s readers a bit angry, some even a bit way too disappointed, on both Microsoft and Gamespot itself.

In any case, if you?ll be able to listen to the podcast by Major Nelson, you can pretty much tell that he was referring to himself, and not the entire Xbox team. These day?s it?s pretty hard to tell if things are just an honest mistake or made up.

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