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Microsoft to Continue with Nokia & Lumia Brands. Or Not.

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Microsoft to Continue with Nokia & Lumia Brands. Or Not.


As the Mobile World Congress 2014 closes, tech media had the opportunity to inquire with Microsoft on the future of the Nokia and Lumia brands once the Microsoft purchase and take-over is concluded.

So far, it seems that there is confirmation that the Lumia brand will survive although ?mixed messages? also indicate that the legendary Nokia name may soon be headed for extinction.


The Director of Windows Phone, Mr. Greg Sullivan, gave the confirmation on the continuing existence of the Lumia brand but did not specify whether the Nokia name would survive the Microsoft transition.

An unnamed spokesperson from Microsoft though told reporters that Microsoft phones made by the Nokia handset division will be imprinted with the Nokia logo.

The purchase and take-over of Nokia by Microsoft is expected to be done by the first quarter of 2014 and it will not be long for industry watchers to know of the fate of the iconic Nokia brand.


Nokia fans (yes, there are still a lot of them) are reportedly worried that a Windows phone would carry the brand name of Microsoft Lumia and ditch the Nokia name altogether. We shall have to wait a few more weeks to find out.


For the next Windows phone, Microsoft is leaking out news that a number of new makers of more affordable handsets will be leading the charge of the new Windows mobile device. Names such as Foxconn, LG and Lenovo are being bandied about.

Microsoft’s take-over of Nokia does not seem to threaten other manufacturing companies, Sullivan argues. The situation he adds is ?quite the opposite, in fact?.

In a talk with Rich Trenholm, a Senior Editor at CNET, he explains that Microsoft intends to give more flexibility to all manufacturers, including the technical support for ?soft keys? in future Microsoft smartphones.

When asked on how he thinks Microsoft will perform in the mobile gadget marketplace, Sullivan points out growth as the key element. He says that ? If you’re in a race and you’re in third place and you want to pass the?cars?in front of you, then you have to drive faster than them……If we keep accelerating, eventually we’ll pass them.?


Till we hear more from Microsoft about the fate of the Nokia brand, here is a ?funny? video on ?Hitler’s reaction when Microsoft bought Nokia: (uploader8891 / YouTube – Published on?Sep 3, 2013-Hitler’s reaction when he heard the news that Microsoft bought Nokia mobiles.I don’t own the rights to the visuals.This video was suppose to be made for fun and kindly take it in that sense. All the rights to the video footage belongs to Beta Film GmbH &?ConstantinMediakraft)

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