Microsoft Taking Care Of The Kid With The Wiped Xbox 360 Personally

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Nathaniel Hayden got his autographed Xbox 360 wiped by some idiot at Microsoft’s repair facility. Bungie came to his rescue and sent him a goodie bag. Well now Microsoft is stepping in to help Nathaniel out with their own little surprise. We don’t have any info on what he’s getting, but as you can read here, they are hooking him up!

The Case of the Wiped 360
Recently, the story of Nathaniel and the “wiped” console hit the interwebs. Nathaniel was the owner of a prized possession. He had an Xbox 360 that had several very cool signatures and drawings on it. He had to send it in for repair and tried to make sure that he would get the same exact console back that he sent in. He did get the same console but the signatures and drawings were lost along the way. People at all levels of the Xbox organization have taken this case to heart and are using it to make sure our repair processes can lessen the chance of this type of thing happening in the future.

We have been in touch with Nathaniel, both to express our sympathy (as gamers, we appreciate what he felt seeing a “clean” console staring back at him), and to let him know we’re working on righting things for him directly. We haven’t let on to anyone exactly what that is but, personally, I think it’s pretty sick (in a good way!). While this has already been reported on other sites, what hasn’t been said is that we told Nathaniel that it would take a few weeks to get to him. I still think it will be worth the wait.

As well as working internally to resolve the issue, we have been working with Bungie and other external sources (No, I’m not going to tell you who, yet). As you’ve seen, Bungie stepped in and sent him some awesome swag while we’ve been working on our project. Coming from someone who lives and breathes community, that was a wonderful gesture.

Again, please be rest assured that there are many of us working hard to make sure Nathaniel will be the grinning gamer in no time.

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