Microsoft Taking Care Of Its Gold Members After Last Weeks Live Outage

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I got some info from my Microsoft contact after questioning whether or not Gold Members will get thrown a bone for all the downtime they had to sit through. While nothing has been officially announced, they have stated, “…we will definitely be doing something for our Gold members that weren?t able to get online over the last week.”

It only makes sense right? It didn’t dawn on me how stupid it was to have multiplayer access be the only perk Gold members get for their membership fee until this past week. I happily pay for my Gold account but damn, give me something worthwhile for it besides multiplayer gaming. I seriously think Microsoft should allow all Xbox Live members, Silver and Gold, access to multiplayer gaming. For the Gold membership we should get access to downloadable content, early demos before Silver members(already implemented), access to all the E3 and Comic Con videos, discounted purchases and whatever else they can think up. Being able to get on my dashboard but not play COD4 online basically put me in Silver account mode. I know for a fact that PS3 owners were playing COD4 over the holiday. I wish I was. Stay tuned for a full announcement from Microsoft.

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