Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Features, Release Date, Specs: What We Know So Far

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Microsoft Surface Pro 5

As of the moment, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is deemed to be the best tablet in the market. It is even better than Apple?s iPad Pro when it comes to performance. Because of this, Microsoft capitalized on the idea and announced that they will releasing another update soon. This is why many were a bit excited when it held an event last October. However, the only things released back then was the Surface Studio and the upgraded Surface Book i7. Now, many are expecting that it will not be long enough before they will see the Microsoft Surface Pro 5. How very wrong and optimistic of them.

There have been talks that Microsoft has decided to delay the release of the Surface Pro 5 because of a few reasons. The top of which involves the processor that will power the entire system.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 with Intel Kaby Lake processor

Many would know by now that the Surface Pro 5 will be one of those devices that will feature Intel?s Kaby Lake processor. Because the processor release was delayed by Intel, Microsoft was forced to delay the Surface Pro 5 as well. In addition to this, the software giant also delayed its major revision of its Windows 10 operating system.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (via

The release of the update for the operating system was also caused by Intel?s inability to provide the needed processor. Because the Surface Pro 5 will feature new capabilities, both hardware and software, Microsoft held off the release of the tablet.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 display

Nevertheless, rumors still fly around about the purported specs and features of the upcoming device. So far, apart from the processor, many are saying that it might also carry a system maximum storage of 512GB. This may sound excessive, but most consumers right now would probably buy it for this feature.

Another feature to come is the possibility of a 4K display. Again, highly excessive as the human eye may not make any difference between a 2K and a 4K display anyway. The PixelSense display is rumored to support a fingerprint scanning capability on the next update as well.

Finally, there is the Surface Pen. Instead of the usual replaceable battery, Microsoft will be incorporating wireless charging on the Surface Pen for added convenience.

As mentioned earlier, the tablet will be have a delayed release. So far, some are even saying that the unveiling has been pushed back as far as May 2017.

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