Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Vs iPad Pro 2: Specs, Release Date News, Which One Is Worth Waiting For?

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Surface Pro 5 vs iPad Pro 2

The Apple vs Microsoft rivalry has been there ever since anyone would care to imagine. For years, both companies have battled each other out until Apple emerged as the winner in hardware and software innovations. Now, it would seem that the throne is being challenged once again. The Surface Pro 5, Microsoft?s upcoming tablet, dares the iPad Pro 2 from Apple on a hardware face off.

It is known to many by now that Microsoft?s choice of CPU for the Surface Pro 5 is Intel?s Kaby Lake series processor. Even the current Surface Pro carries the latest Skylake version of the same line of CPU. This enables the Surface Pro to tasks previously unimaginable from a tablet device.

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Furthermore, the i7 version of the same tablet showed superb benchmark results against its main rival, the iPad Pro. Now that Apple is rumored to release another tablet, the iPad Pro 2, many began to question its capabilities.

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As anyone would know, all current Apple products run on the newest version of Apple?s ARM processor. Although powerful on its own, it is still incomparable to a full fledged Intel processor. That is why benchmarks revealed a huge disparity in terms of performance especially on multi-core processes.

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Because of the Surface Pro?s rise to fame, it would seem that the upcoming iPad Pro 2 will be in for a rough start. Even now, more and more Mac loyalists are finding themselves switching to the Surface devices.

In order to keep up, what Apple should do is maximize the potential of the iPad Pro 2. For one, it should offer more bang-per-buck on the iPad Pro 2. This could be done by making improvements on the CPU, perhaps skipping a CPU generation will do the trick.

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So far, rumor has it that the next Apple tablet will sport an upgraded version of the current A10 ARM processor. Although impressive on its own, it still performs dismally when compared to an Intel i7 chip.

In the race to greatness, Apple might have gotten there already, but Microsoft is just a few steps behind it. With the upcoming release of Surface Pro 5, consumers may see a shift in the pattern. This is due to the fact that Surface devices tend to be even better with every generation release.

Both tablets will be released sometime in 2017.

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