Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book 2 Release Pushed Back To 2017 ? Again?

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The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book 2 release has been pushed back to 2017 again and it will most likely be launched in spring.

Reports say that the reason why the release is delayed again is because of rumors that Microsoft has been saving the second part of the big Windows 10 update for next year. The update is called Redstone or RS2 and the company wants the new Surface devices to showcase the new features of the update.

The 2017 release date is actually a good thing because the company will have more time to address past issues of the Surface models such as battery drain issues. This time around, Microsoft will ensure that the devices will come with Intel Kaby Lake processors which will be available later this year.

A previous report backs up this information as it has indicated that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book 2 release delay is mainly because of the Kaby Lake processor. The Surface Pro 4 gained some rave reviews but it also had some drawbacks with its sixth generation processors. One of the major problems encountered by users is the battery backup and the new Kaby Lake processor will hopefully fix the problem and more.

The new processor is expected to increase the battery life of the device and enhance the upcoming Surface device?s performance. Intel is releasing the new Kaby Lake processor at the end of 2016, so clearly, we won?t be expecting the Surface Pro 5 to roll out anytime this year but we can expect it sometime next year.

Meanwhile, the current Surface Book model also suffers various setbacks which include shutdowns, battery issues and overheating. But Microsoft is definitely addressing these issues and new features may include 4K 13.5 inch display with Pixelsense technology and NVIDIA graphical processing unit for gamers.

In addition, the new Surface Book will most probably feature a USB Type-C and ThunderBolt ports as well, plus a rechargeable Surface Pen.

We will most likely expect an announcement on the official Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book 2 release date in October this year so watch out for more news and updates here on TheBitbag!

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