Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Stealing More Mac Fans

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Mac vs Surface Pro 5
Microsoft Surface Pro 5 vs Apple MacBook Pro 2016

Though Microsoft failed to unveil its Surface Pro 5 during its October event, the rumor mill is still in full swing regarding the next-gen tablet-cum-laptop device. The 2-in-1 detachable device is reportedly debuting in Spring 2017, if the recent rumors are to be believed.

Surface Pro 5 to Steal Mac Fans

Bloomberg reports that diehard Apple Mac fans will be choosing the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 over the Macbook Pro 2016 models. Mac upgrades have been far and few over the past several years and its fans are now looking at Microsoft Surface devices.

Apple?s latest MacBook Pro did introduce a slimmer design, dual speakers and touch bar but it has failed to impress users. Despite favorable reviews, the broader consensus among the creative types is that the device underperformed against its rivals. The rival here is the Surface Pro and Surface laptop devices.

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The Cupertino giant apparently planned the MacBook Pro model launch as a direct competitor to Microsoft’s Surface Pro 5 device. Apple?s latest set of Mac devices however lack innovativeness, a key feature that is the driving demand of the creative market. The 2016 MacBook Pro was planned with a battery redesign. Engineers wanted to use higher capacity battery packs shaped to the insides of the laptop instead of the standard square cells. The design would have boosted battery life.

However, Apple instead chose to forgo a redesign upgrade to push forward with a MacBook release targeting the holiday season. The Mac fans see that the company isn?t serious on focusing on the creative market and is instead prioritizing iPhone and iPad sales. Microsoft has hence emerged as an alternative offering Apple-esque premium finishes to its Surface devices.

The next-gen Surface Pro 5 is expected to debut soon enough with quite incredible hardware performance and innovativeness. Hardcore Apple Mac fans will jump ship to the Surface Pro 5 or the forthcoming Surface Book 2.

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Surface Pro 5 Specs & Features

Features and specifications of Microsoft?Surface Pro 5 are unknown at this point. Rumors continue to circulate about what the device may have to offer. Rumor has it that the device will debut with Intel?s latest Kaby Lake processor chipsets. The chipsets will provide enhanced performance and more speed in terms of graphics processing.

The Surface Pro 5 will ?have an unparalleled quality of display with its superb high-resolution feature. It will come in 2K and 4K display variants. Both versions will be compatible with the Surface Pen.

The Surface Pro 5 will also be supporting the Rechargeable Surface Pen. A PC Advisor report suggests the Surface Pen will have self-automated charging when attached to the tablet.

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