How Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Should Solve Surface Pro 4 Problems

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The latest rumors on the internet suggest that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is expected to be released in October 2016 with a price range similar to the previous Surface Pro 4 models.

The hybrid 2-in-1 laptop cum tablet Surface Pro 4 model that was launched by Microsoft last October has become quite a popular device for students and professionals alike for its versatility and raw power. However, despite Microsoft?s initial success with the Surface devices, Pro 4 came under heavy criticism over various issues related especially to its battery life, among others.

There have been a lot of speculations about what to expect in the new device and we look forward to Microsoft resolving some of the key issues that plague the Surface Pro 4.

The battery life of the Surface Pro 4 has been the main cause of concern among the users of the device, as it offers no more than 5-6 hours of battery performance, merely 3-4 hours in the case of video playback or gaming. So certainly, we would like to see Surface Pro 5 improve its battery performance and deliver at par or even better than other tablets such as Apple?s iPad Pro.

Another problem that users of Pro 4 face is that the fan of the tablet makes qutie a lot of noise when it turns on to cool the device. It?s a huge turnoff for the tablet users and hopefully Microsoft will improve it to generate less noise or rather just eradicate the problem once and for all.

Although Pro 4 supports larger screen resolution of 2736 x 1824 at 267 ppi, quite a number of users have also complained about the slow speed of the graphics in the Microsoft?s latest flagship. It underperforms in comparison to Apple?s iPads for video playback despite being loaded with Intel?s latest Skylake chipset. The slow speed may be due to the internal software problems so with Microsoft?s upcoming Redstone 2 update for Windows 10, it could likely solve the problem in Surface Pro 5.

In addition, we would like to see Microsoft Surface Pro 5 update its screen resolution to support 4K video resolution that will be the future of videos.

Also, the Pro 4 is quite heavy weighing 786 grams which is 60 grams more than Apple?s larger display equipped iPad Pro. So Microsoft could do a good job by making the tablet far lighter so it makes portability quite easy for the users.

Lastly, the premium price of the Surface Pro 4 is keeping a lot of people away from the device. We hope Microsoft brings the price of the device down as it is being preferred by students who could greatly benefit from lower prices. In fact, it will be favorable for Microsoft which wants to make its Windows 10 platform universal among all its devices and with students adopting it, the company could successfully implement this plan.

Then again, Microsoft doesn?t offer Type Cover accessory along with the premium priced device which acts as a detachable keyboard and a screen protector making it a hybrid laptop. The cover alone costs $130 which is something Microsoft needs to change and instead offer it together with the Pro 5.

MNRDaily said it could launch either in June or October 2016. The price tag for the gadget is expected to be $899 fro Pro 5 with Intel Core i5, $999 for a Pro 5 with Intel i7 and $1599 for a Pro 5 with Intel Core i7 Extreme.

It is better to take such rumors with a pinch of salt as there has been no official update from Microsoft about the Surface Pro 4?s successor.

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