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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release update: Tablet Hybrid To Pack Next Intel Kaby Lake Processor?

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Microsoft Surface Pro 5

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release will reportedly happen soon and the device is rumored to be the first device to pack the Intel?s next generation processor chip dubbed as Kaby Lake.

Reports claimed that the upcoming Surface Pro 5 laptop-tablet hybrid will be powered by the current Skylake processor; other reports stated that it will be supported by the next generation Kaby Lake?chipset, which is the 14nm successor of Skylake. This processor also has a native support for USB 3.1 and new graphics architecture that will further improve the performance of the system.

Aside from a more powerful processor, Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will also include the same screen size, but the resolution will be upgraded to 4K pixels, which makes videos and images clearer and sharper. The tablet is also suspected to arrive with magnetic charging dock that possibly charges the phone and stylus. This being said, the stylus pen is predicted to be rechargeable, according to a patent filed by the Redmond-based tech giant.

With all these upgrades, the next generation of Microsoft Surface Pro tablet will be supported by a more powerful battery. The current Surface Pro 4 received flak from consumers because of its insufficient battery life. Surface Pro 4 only boasts five hours with video playback. The new Surface Pro 5 could extend up to seven hours.

Recent rumors claimed that Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release will happen next month before MacBook Pro Air and Pro 2016 launch. However, if rumors proved to be true, we may see the device later this year to early next year since Kaby Lake?processor will be ready by late 2016.

However, there is no official announcement from Microsoft yet.

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