No Surface Pro 5 Release Happening? Microsoft Surface Chief Weighs In On Rumors

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Microsoft chief dispels rumors about Surface Pro 5 release

Microsoft sure is taking its sweet time with the Surface Pro 5. While many reports have been around saying that tablet would be unveiled pretty soon, it seems like Microsoft would beg to differ. In fact, that company is not in a hurry to release a new Surface Pro tablet anytime soon.

According to an interview last week with CNET, Panos Panay, Microsoft CVP for Surface Computing, claims that the Surface Pro will last a user a good four or five years. Furthermore, he is not at all that enthusiastic about releasing a new one. At least until a great technological shift has been achieved.

The technological shift that Panos means is the fact that most products, year on year, offer the same features with only minor upgrades. Panos would like the Surface Pro 5 to be a technological marvel. In that, it would bring in new advancements in mobile computing as well as new user experiences.

Microsoft chief dispels rumors about Surface Pro 5 release

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Panos then reiterated that there is no such thing as Pro 5. This may sound ominous to some but what it probably meant is that Microsoft will shift to a new naming convention moving forward.

Microsoft just released the new Surface Laptop that is targeted for the education sector. It is basically another cheap alternative to the Google Chromebook. Unfortunately, it may take a while for Microsoft to release the Surface Pro 5. Perhaps for now, consumers will just make do with the Surface Laptop.

On the other hand, other manufacturers like Huawei and HP have announced their respective offerings for the 2-in-1 tablet market. These devices will be in direct competition with the Surface Pro, especially the Surface Pro 4. Unfortunately, it will be quite difficult to justify buying an older piece of hardware such as the Surface Pro 4 knowing that a much newer and faster HP Elite x2 or Huawei Matebook exists. For more updates on the Surface Pro 5, be sure to check us outa at TheBitbag.

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